Some Important Locations

Leighton's Hill, Dover NH

Thomas Leighton was born Abt. 1604 in England, and died January 22, 1670/71 in Dover, NH. He married Joanna (Thomas's) Leighton.

Spelling was Layton. Probably one of the early planters of Dover, NH ( then called Northam). Settled at Cocheco or Dover Point in 1633 under the leadership of Capt. Thomas Wiggin. His home lot of 10 acres was on the present boarder of Dover and Madbury, later bisected by the Post Road which bridged the Piscataquis River. This area was often referred to as Leighton's Hill. In 1639 he was taxed on property valued at 155 lbs. The largest assessment in the town. In 1640 he was granted 10 acres of marshland on Great Bay. In 1642 he received #18 ofthe 20-acre lots laid out on the west side of the Back River. On April 15, 1646, he was allotted ten acres on Great Bay near Laighton's Cove. (Bloody point which later became the town of Newington)

In 1646 he had the second highest tax assessment. He sold his quarter share in the sawmill at Bellamy's Bank in 1649. On January 10, 1655 he was granted 100 acres on the west shore of Great Bay, and in 1656 another 30 acers of upland adjooining Laighton's Cove and a 100 acres on the south side of Frenchman's Creek. In 1656 he bouhgt 20 more acres adjoining his Back Bay property from Ambrose Gibbons. On January 11, 1658/9 he deeded 20 acres to his apprentice John Mingate and on February 16, 1670 he deeded to Thomas Jr., the house and 160 acre farm north of Royall's Cove which his son was already occupying.

Monument erected in honor of the original Leighton household [a 10-acre upland known as Leighton's Hill] which is currently on private land owned by Robert Simpson near Back River Road. The Simpson's house, in the background, is probably built on what was once known as Leighton's Hill.

Close up of the inscription on the Leighton monument. It is my understanding that the monument was erected by the children of Mary Leighton Rollins as requested in her will. Also on the site is the gravestone of John Leighton who is believed to be a brother of Mary Leighton Rollins. It is not known if there are other graves at the site.


Leighton Family Cemetery in Cumberland, ME (near Leighton Hill, 413 Blackstrap Road, Lat: 43.7714678, Long: -70.3306063)

Source: Falmouth (Maine) Cemeteries - small, family plots on private property. Information has been collected by volunteers who have copied information from the stones. There is a map at the Falmouth Library that pinpoints the location of these cemeteries.